Catholic school – “Dobre gimnazjum”

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Catholic school – “Dobre gimnazjum”

9 March 2017 | | Best Practices

One of the ways of accompanying young people by diocesan church in Poznan is running catholic schools. Students get integral upbringing including spiritual, intellectual and physical formation. We  desire to indicate them how to be a Christian and how to believe in Jesus in today’s world.
The school organization is based on creating good relationship between a student and a master. It can be realized both on teachers-students  basis and individuals-Jesus  one, as we believe it is Jesus who is the  greatest Master of all.
The school’s mission is also to cooperate with families the students come from as we strongly believe they should not replace them but support families .
Catholic schools emphasize not only the educational dimension but pedagogical one. “For the true education aims at formation of the human person in the pursuit of his ultimate end and of the good of the societies of which, as man, he is a member, and in whose obligation, as an adult, he will share” (Declaration on christian education Gravissimum educationis, 1). So the aim of such a school is not only to prepare young people to take up tasks in their adult life but at the same time  to orient them on the ultimate aim which is salvation.

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Contact Person during the Symposium: Bishop Damian Bryl  | Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Poznan – Member of the Council for Family and of the Commission for Catholic Education of the Polish Bishop’s Conference