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Croatia Youth Ministry

22 March 2017 | cceesitesAdmin | Best Practices

The tasks of the Office of the CCB for Youth Ministry are to inform and coordinate the Committee for Youth Ministry, inform and, in cooperation with the Committee, submit proposals to the Croatian Conference of Bishops, cooperate with all the bodies and institutions of the CCB, cooperate with similar institutions in other countries, create archives and a database on all the activities for the young, inform the public (especially young people) about all events and activities, encourage the networking and coordination of young people, and encourage and propose new ideas and forms of youth ministry.

The projects of the Office for Youth Ministry of the Croatian Conference of Bishops are as follows: Easter Festival, Finals of the Croatian Indoor Football Leagues of the Church among the Croats, Young People for Young People, National Encounters, World Youth Day and the Taizé ecumenical meetings.

Croatia Youth Ministry | BC Croatia
Contact Person during the Symposium: Fr Ivica Pazin | Responsible of the National Office for Catechesis
Contact Person during the Symposium: Mrs. Ivana Cogelja | Responsible of the National Office for Youth Ministry