Tweeting with GOD

Tweeting with GOD

6 March 2017 | cceesitesAdmin | Best Practices

Tweeting with GOD started in 2014 in dialogue with young people living in a modern, secularised society, searching for answers to their many questions. The project intends to stimulate honest conversation about the Catholic faith, with the aim of accompanying young people and helping them to discover its beauties and to become an engaged member of Church and society. This is not done by simply communicating the teachings of the Church, but by entering into a dialogue and searching for answers together.

The youthful aspirations of the project can be recognised in the multimedia approach it takes. A printed book is linked to online material through a smartphone application. Online video is also an important tool. An international team of young people maintains social media accounts in various languages.

The project was started by young people in the Netherlands, and quickly gained interest from very distinct countries. So far, the project has been translated into over 10 languages, among which Korean. Many more translations of the book and the multimedia material are in preparation. The project is always developed in collaboration with local young people and the local Bishops’ Conference.

We believe the reason for the great interest in the project is precisely its youthful spirit, the brief answers and openness to dialogue, and the way it prepares Christians to live in dialogue with an ever more secularised society.

Download the flyer (EN PDF 3MB)

Instagram/Snapchat: @TweetingwithGOD

Contact Person during the Symposium: Ilse Spruit  | Coordinator of video, web & app