“1 Million for the Pope”

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“1 Million for the Pope”

23 February 2017 | cceesitesAdmin | Best Practices

Pope Francis wants change! One of his most urgent calls for change is expressed in the foreword of the DOCAT – the Social Doctrine of the Church for young people! There, he is looking at the needs of the world and is wondering: “Can we not do more to make this revolution of love and justice a reality in many parts of this tormented planet? He is screaming out: “If a Christian in these days looks away from the need of the poorest of the poor, then in reality he is not a Christian!” In fact, to break it all down, he is dreaming of a revolution of love and justice based on Social Doctrine. ” I wish I had a million young Christians or, even better, a whole generation who are for their contemporaries ‘walking, talking social doctrine'”.

This call of the Holy Father has gone out to the whole world through a growing number of translations of the DOCAT (currently 32), the release of an App in which young people can directly answer this call (www.docat-app.com), and through a video message (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB_eIm3X6tU). Only 6 months after the release of this campaign called “1 Million for the Pope” many grass-roots as well as hierarchical and nationwide programs arose all around the world. Only judging from the dawn of this project, it is already predictable that this will be one of the biggest projects concerning Social Doctrine within the church, and one of the Church’s best, most attractive and successful tools to reach the young people of the world with the Pope’s intentions within the next years.

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