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Young Catholic Academy

9 febbraio 2017 | cceesitesAdmin | Buone Pratiche

The Young Catholic Academy consisted of two parts.

1) A competition with the aim to hear the voices of young people according the Year of Mercy. So they could send their work and thoughts about Mercy (social initiatives, art, literature, theology, philosophy, music). Because of the possibility to win something and to join at the Academy and to receive the price from our Youth Bishop, a lot of young people joined the contest. They sent wonderful art work, short stories, reported about their work with refugees,… and: ALL young people in the age between 15 and 28 dealt with the team according to their charismas and showed themselfes as a living part of the body of Christ. This has been the beginning of young catholic culture of mercy in Germany!

2) The Academy-Weekend offered times of Holy Mass, communion prayer, workshops, speeches (two bishops and on high rank politican). The young people got in contact with each other and because of all dealt with their talents with the theme of Mercy, everyone had to offer a new perspective to the other one. It was great to see! Our job has been to accompany these young people in their talents to bring them into the body of Christ. And we will continue this work, so that art, music, literature, … will become an offer for Christ. This is a big dream and we can accompany Young people on their ways. Just great and easy: a competition and bringing them together.

Young Catholic Academy | BC Germany

Contact: Paul Metzlaff | Departement for Faith Formations