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International Catholic Conference of Guidism

10 marzo 2017 | | Buone Pratiche

Guiding, in accordance with the intentions of its Founder Baden-Powell, leads young people to become the artisans of their own development, and its methods stimulate the maturity of the individual and of communities. It is because of this that Catholics recognize the values of the Gospel in the fundamentally liberating education propounded by the Guide method.

I.C.C.G. is a call from the Church to live a life of communion, to deepen Faith and to share Christian experience.
– it participates in the life of the Universal Church, particularly as an International Catholic Organization (I.C.O.) by offering its own experiences and receiving those of others;
– it ensures that the world of young people is represented within the Church;
– it participates in the evolution and deepening of the spiritual values of Guiding through the dialogue between Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and non-believers.

ICCG Movement

Contact Person during the Symposium: Petra Adamuskova | Europe Region Responsible