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Thank you for visiting this virtual media office of CCEE 2017 Symposium.
In this section you will be able to find out the latest news releases, a series of “best practices” sent by the Bishops’ Conferences in Europe, different resources concerning the venue of the meeting, hotels in the nearby where you might book your stay in Barcelona,… and, finally, the possibility to submit your accreditation.
The accreditation will allow you to receive in time all the news releases and access freely the meeting and the use of all facilities for journalists (media room,…).
The three of us will jointly run the media operation of the Symposium. In order to facilitate the contact we will ask you to address all your inquiries according the geographical main distribution of your media.

Foreign Media

Spanish National Media

Local (Barcelona’s area) Media

 Thierry Bonaventura José Gabriel Vera Beorlegui Ramon Olle
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Accreditation Form For Journalists only!

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Press Conference | Conferenza Stampa |Conferencia de prensa || March 24 - 11.30 am *

General Conditions

The Symposium will take place at the Seminario Conciliar, Carrer de la Diputació, 231 – 08007 Barcelona.

1. Access to the meeting and the press room
The entire meeting is open to journalists except for moments into working groups.
Caution: only journalists accredited before March 24 will be given access to the meeting room and the press room, and will take advantage of the various services that will be prepared for them.
The form for the accreditation is available in the media section of the website.
The press room will be endowed with its own Wi-Fi network available for accredited journalists.

2. Food and board – Transportation
Journalists shall pay for their own food and board, as well as for their transportation to and from the venue of the Symposium.

3. Visit to the Sagrada Família
For the visit to the Sagrada Família, you will need an additional accreditation issued by the Basilica of the Sagrada Família. The procedures for accreditation will be provided as soon as possible.
The interviews with bishops and cardinals, or to officials of the CCEE, will have to be agreed upon with the Press Office of the Symposium.

Resources in DROPBOX

Through this public dropbox folder you may find useful resources.

How to get to the venue of the meeting from the airport

Barcelona Airport is only 14kms far from Barcelona city center, there are several types of transportation to the city: Taxi, Metro, Bus or Train services.
Through this link you may check the transport options.

Venue | Luogo dell’incontro | Lugar de la réunion

This blue icon indicates the venue of the meeting [Seminario Conciliar, Carrer de la Diputacío, 231 – 08007 Barcelona].

This M icon indicates the nearest Metro Station [ Passeig de Gràcia ] (about 7 minutes walk).

The Green icons indicate hotels in the nearby of the venue of the meeting.